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Three Under the Tree

Your choice of any 3 alpacas in my herd for only $2500! Mix and match genetics, colors, genders, ages, proven or unproven, bred or unbred.... this should be YOUR Christmas dream come true. Choose from award winners - including champions - or fresh, young faces who've never seen a ring yet. Only 20 photos shown; see farm page for a complete listing.

Price: $2,500


Alpacas Included in Package: (3 alpacas)

AGSR Road Trip - Suri, Female, White

Road Trip ("Trippie") is a gorgeous young female with impeccable lineage. She has perfect conformation and excellent fiber. Her genetics include Pucara Hanapepe (sire) and Rewind (maternal grandsire).

Trippie sustained a back injury during breeding in 2014. She successfully delivered a lovely male cria on May 29, 2015, but her continued breeding career will depend on how she recovers from birthing and whether rebreeding will cause her significant difficulties. We will have our vet thoroughly evaluate her prior to rebreeding to ensure that her injury is fully healed and that she can be safely rebred. If she is rebred, no warranties are available as to her continuing ability to produce.


Cantano's Scarlet - Suri, Female, Dark Brown

Scarlet is a gorgeous maroon Cantano daughter who has thrown awesome offspring (see my foundation listing for Carmella!). I plan to breed Scarlet to my new TB male this spring to see if I can pull a black with that quality. Her list price comes with that breeding (or your choice of any other of my males if you prefer.

Scarlet has a lovely fleece, with high luster and consistent lock. Her color is awesome – none of my photos have really picked up the depth of color and the maroon cast. I can send a fiber sample if you wish.

I’m hoping to be able to show Scarlet’s awesome daughter at MAPACA, so if you’re there, stop by to see her. I was so taken with her quality that I went back and bought her dam AND sire.


Carlton's Carmella - Suri, Female, Medium Fawn

Carmella is an absolutely stunning yearling female out of the Jackpot and Uribe lines and is a Cantano granddaughter. She has exceptional luster and lock, beautiful conformation and a sweet spirit. This gal will make a wonderful production female. I plan to breed her next year to MoJo, whose lock and luster are a perfect match, or perhaps to our new TB Blackbeard son, Black Jack.

VISIT OUR FARM DISPLAY and see Carmella for yourself at MAPACA!


Carlton's Pippa - Suri, Female, White

Pippa is a beautiful, large but perfectly conformed gal with excellent fleece structure. She has a very feminine head and face and a very pleasant disposition. I look forward to getting a fiber sample run after shearing this year; I believe she will have very nice stats.

Pippa is currently open, but will be bred in the spring either with LadySong's Arioso or with our 3X champion Torbio son, Magnum.

Pippa came with an awesome light brown cria, son of Mr. Roosevelt, who is a beautiful Macgyver son. While I am listing the cria, Paco, for sale, if he is still here at maturity he may well take up a breeding position here at LadySong in the future as he has very desirable characteristics and the Macgyver lineage.


CTA SILKEN RAMSES - Suri, Male, White

Ram is a gorgeous young male with fleece stats that I couldn't resist! With ancestors like Ramillo, Dune, Uribe and Fruzanne Noir, he has some of the finest genetics in the country, but what counts for me is that he has fiber characteristics that justify the description of "Fiber of the Gods." In 2014, Ram won the color championship at the Suri Network's Annual All Suri Fleece Show.

He is a well-trained, amenable young male who has been shown in halter classes and performance. Ram will be starting his breeding career in the spring, and I look forward to bringing his incredible fiber qualities into my herd.


LadySong's All That Jazz - Suri, Female, White

Jazz is an absolutely exquisite girl out of PIVAL Blazen Son granddaughter Keleah by The Colonel. While her conformation is "spot on," Jazz's forte is her phenomenal fleece which is a true white with tiny flat locks and intense luster, and there is a lot of it! She has exceptional density.

Jazz has been exposed to MoJo, with the expectation of an exceptional 2016 cria. The goal of this breeding is to improve Jazz's carriage and rather "stubby" conformation while maintaining her exceptional fiber qualities.


LadySong's Cantata - Suri, Female, White

Cantata is proof positive that our former white herd sire, Pale Rider, can not only "do the job," but do it right! She has fantastic fleece, great conformation, and personality to burn. And like her own dam, 'Ta has turned out to be an excellent, protective and nurturing mother. 'Ta's first cria was born on June 29th, 2011 and he is exquisite, with incredible density, perfect lock structure and an abundance of luster. In 2012, she delivered an incredible white female by our full Bolivian male, Riley.

Cantata showed at the 2009 Western New York Alpaca Show where she wowed the crowd with her stature, her conformation and her fabulous fleece. The judge was particularly struck by the excellent lock individuation, with lock from tip to the skin, by her luster, and by her exquisite handle. 'Ta was awarded a "well deserved" first place.

Unfortunately, Cantata sustained a hip and leg injury in a freak barn accident a couple of years ago and we decided not to risk rebreeding her for fear that she may have difficulty with delivery given her residual problem with that leg. However, a two-year rest appears to have worked wonders, and while she has some residual lameness in one leg, she is strong enough to run and play without pain, so we are returning her to our breeding program this year to test her ability to continue to provide exceptional offspring. Ta was bred to our Torbio son, Magnum, and on June 4, 2015, she delivered - without assistance - a lovely, if dysmature, white male whom we call MuShu. We will not rebreed her this year, to give her an extra year in between deliveries. 'Ta will be sold only to an exceptional farm willing and able to provide any special assistance she may need during delivery.


LadySong's Georgia on My Mind - Suri, Female, Light Fawn

Georgie was born a bit early - about 28 days earlier than I'd expected, in fact! - but was fully developed and ready to get on with living the day she was born. She's a lovely young gal, with very long legs, dark doe eyes and exquisite fleece that barely hints at fawn although when its luster catches the sun it deepens the shade by a tone or two. We elected to use Georgie to bring in the Ramillo/Baron genetics with her first breeding by using our champion male, Suri Lane Lucien. With her spun sugar sweet personality, her delightful femininity and her excellent proportion, Georgie has proven herself to be a wonderful production female. Her first cria, born in 2013, was a gorgeous white female ho shares her dam's personality and fiber qualities. Her second, delivered September 14, 2014, is a spectacular light fawn male - the spitting (maybe literally, lol) image of Georgie's own sire, CR Accoya Windmaster.

If I were to start over today, Georgie and her offspring would definitely be part of my foundation herd. Because Georgie was injured in a freak barn accident several years ago, she has a neurological deficit that needs monitoring during delivery. She will only be sold to a very special farm willing and able to give her the attention she needs at that critical time each year.


LadySong's MoJo - Suri, Male, Pattern

Mo is an excellent breeding male, whose first cria was reportedly stunning.

We had originally thought Mo was MF, but on closer exam in good light recently, we realized that his fiber is actually MRG, with a large light rose gray patch on the back of his neck. If you love color, lock style, luster and are looking for silver or rose gray, Mo should be on your shopping list. If you enjoy the spotlight and blue ribbons, Mo should DEFINITELY be on your shopping list! He has all the qualities you want in a show macho: fiber, conformation, stature and presence. He walks as though he owns the farm, with command and style, and his statuesque build puts him literally head and shoulders above his peers.

With his 2-time champion sire, Pale Rider, we have no doubts that Mo would be at the top of his class were he shown, although our own time for showing is extremely limited. Mo has produced an excellent blanket with exceptional luster and staple length for 3 shearings. We look forward to having his fiber tested for uniformity, since his handle is exquisite.


LadySong's Gold Standard - Suri, Male, White

Stan looks amazingly like his dad, 2-time champion Pale Rider. He has beautiful fleece, with exceptional luster and excellent lock structure even at birth, and has only gotten more beautiful as he matured.

In 2012, Stan gave me 7 pounds of absolutely exquisite, very fine, blanket fiber. His fleece in 2013 was equally fine and dense. I'm looking forward to his 2015 contribution as well.

Stan has excellent conformation and is a beautiful boy with a pleasant personality. We have decided to bring him into our breeding program for at least a couple of seasons to incorporate some of those wonderful qualities into more of our herd. We used him for one trial breeding, and she is due in early July. Meantime, however, we're moving Stan to our "must sell" list to reduce numbers in our herd.


Maureen - Suri, Female, Medium Brown

This fabulous gal has the color genetics we're all looking for, and produces the most extraordinary offspring! In 2009, it was a 23-pound MF/W/LSG male! We knew she could throw gray, and Mozart proves it. In 2010, she gave us a gorgeous MB boy whom we're calling "Gus" for modern composer Gustav Mahler, and in 2011 she produced a fabulous TB male; in 2012, Mo gave us a medium fawn male called Lemony Snippet (for the little white snip on his nose). All of her crias have exceptional fiber architecture, excellent handle and pleasant personalities. Mo is an experienced and protective dam who consistently throws crias with stature, elegance and conformational perfection.

Maureen's offspring have always been some of the best produced on my farm. Her son MoJo is now in my breeding program; his half brother, Gus, has an awesome daughter in my herd, and is now breeding at Purgatory Falls Alpacas in NH. Their younger half-brother, Lemony Snippet, looks to be even better, with cobweb fine fiber, perfect conformation and a sweet, trusting temperament; he has left for his new breeding home.

On July 8, 2015, Maureen completely outdid herself with an awesome patterned LF/W female cria! Another easy birth, another fantastic offspring. I think her cria, LadySong's Celebration, is probably the most beautiful cria ever born here.

Maureen will be rebred to our appaloosa macho, Sonic Boom. We are very hopeful that the result will be an awesome gray or harlequin cria in 2016, since Boomer has a history of those colors, and Maureen also has grey in her background.


LSF Arioso - Suri, Male, White

Arioso ("Ari") is an absolutely beautiful white suri male with perfectly formed "pencil" locks, glow-in-the-dark luster, and patches of fawn that reflect the range of his genetic color. Ari's conformation is square and straight, another compact, typey suri sired by The Colonel. His fleece has a cool, slick handle as a well-fleeced suri should. Coverage extends from his topknot to his toes, with an adorable bearded chin and pearly locks on his neck and chest. He has inherited the extraordinary relocking capacity that The Colonel's offspring have all exhibited. And check his fiber stats! We're obtaining a current histogram to see whether he's been able to hold his incredible uniformity.

Ari he has an absolutely charming temperament and personality. This type of easy-to-manage temperament is a very important quality to have across a herd, and one that Arioso has the capability of producing for you in his progeny.

Unfortunately, by the time Arioso was born, I was no longer in a position to leave the farm for long periods of time in order to show, so his show career was limited to one local event. However, in that event, he took a first place over my multiple champion white suri male.

Ari has tested negative for BVD and Brucellosis.


LadySong's Zoe - Suri, Female, Light Fawn

Zoe was a 30-day premie who overcame every challenge that life threw at her! At birth, she was too short to reach the milk bar, so she needed the occasional "boost" to nurse. She remains small, but is full of life and joie de vivre. Her fleece is slick and lustrous, with tiny flat locks that shimmer as she moves. In June, 2013, Zoe delivered a lovely brown female cria. However, the cria was stillborn due to a placenta previa. Undeterred, Zoe turned around and adopted the first cria who walked past -- Harley, who had been born the day before. Zoe is a very devoted and devoted and nurturing mother.

On June 2, 2014, Zoe delivered a beautiful light fawn female. Once again, Zoe proved to be an exemplary mom.

Zoe has been bred to Sonic Boom THA, an appaloosa who has thrown extremely lovely appie, harlequin and gray offspring. With Zoe's colorful genetics, we anticipate beautiful color in her 2016 cria.

But we don't breed just for color. Boomer has fantastic fiber stats, and is as fine and uniform as our white males, so we are assured that his offspring will carry the genetics - and we expect the phenotype - for excellence in fiber production as well as interesting color. If you are a cottage fiber producer or admirer, this offspring is one to watch for.


LadySong's Prelude - Suri, Female, White

Prelude is a stunning little girl, born very prematurely, at Day 309. Her first days were a struggle. She suffered such low energy that she was unable to stand to nurse. After receiving a glucose drip at the vet's and bottle feedings, she was finally able to rise and walk, and began doing very well. She received an antibiotic to prevent illness resulting from not receiving adequate colostrum (although fed colostrum supplement for the first 48 hours).

Looking back at those early days, I'm very happy to report that "Ludie" is now a healthy young production female who is as sweet and sassy as any healthy alpaca should be. Her first cria was absolutely stunning, and we expect many more from this gorgeous girl.

Ludie has exquisite fiber with excellent lock structure, uniformity and luster. She has a sweet temperament that matches her extraordinary femininity. She is another gal who would be part of my herd if I were starting over today.


LadySong's Solar Flare - Suri, Female, White

Flare is a lovely young female with perfect four-square conformation and excellent fleece. She has a sweet temperament like her mom, and will make an excellent production female.

Flare was bred to the spectacular, if somewhat aggressive, Martinie with a Twist, and I anticipate a stellar cria from this pairing. Both Flare and Twist have exceptionaly high quality fiber, and with Twist in the top 1% of EPDs nationally for suri males, I believe next year will produce a fabulous offspring no matter what gender it turns out to be.


LadySong's Zora - Suri, Female, Light Fawn

Zora is an absolutely smashing girl with incredible lock structure and luster. She is a straight and sturdy gal with perfect proportion, and at a year of age, is as tall as her dam. I expect that Zora will be a superior producer as she matures.


LadySong's Riversong - Suri, Female, White

Rosie is a lovely little girl with perfect conformation, excellent fiber and a very curious, sweet personality. I have no doubt she will prove to be an excellent production female when she matures.

Rosie is turning out to be a very fun little girl. She has a distinct personality and is a joyous, playful gal who is intrepid, curious and friendly. I think she is becoming my new "favorite). :-)


Zorra by the Firelord - Suri, Female, Medium Brown

If you’re looking for an awesome suri female with the potential to throw gray (most probably rose gray), Zorra (Zoey to her friends) is the gal for you. Zoey is a small lady, but with excellent bone structure and proportion. She has very nice fiber - with excellent handle and shine. I will post histogram results when I receive them.

Zorra has been bred to Sonic Boom THA who has a history of throwing grey and harlequin offspring. Given Zorra's genetics and Boom's proven production, I am looking for grey or harlequin in 2016. Both have excellent fiber, and I would expect that Zorra's cria will continue to carry her handle and luster, but with improved lock structure from Boom.


Sonic Boom THA - Suri, Male, Pattern

I remember seeing Boom when he was just a yearling and admired him even then. So when I recently acquired (and quickly sold) an appaloosa cria, I decided to look for an appie male to criate some appies for LadySong, and Boom quickly came to mind. I traced him to Briar Rose Alpacas, who kindly allowed me to acquire him for my breeding program. I'm very excited to introduce Boom to the Western New York area and to offer him for herd sire services, as well as to use him across a number of my females who are known to be capable of producing appaloosa.

I've spent over 10 years focusing on my white herd, and now I'm ready for some adventure in color. I'm eager to see what this year's breedings will bring me in 2016. I have high hopes not only for exciting color and/or pattern from Boomer, but his histogram reflects exceptional uniformity and a decent fineness given his age, so I fully expect his offspring to continue to carry his excellent qualities well into maturity.


Martina's Mandolina - Suri, Female, Beige

Mandy is a lovely young breeding female who is the last daughter of the very first suri I ever bought. Mandy's mom was my premier breeding female and produced for me absolutely stunning offspring. Mandy's sire was an exquisite champion macho who produced one of the most feminine and stunning females in my current herd. Mandy shares those awesome characteristics,

I have exposed Mandy to one of my best males, who consistently produces offspring with highly lustrous, "greasy" locks and fully expect that her 2016 cria will carry all of her and Arioso's excellent fiber characteristics, together with the exceptional conformational qualities of its parents.